Rotor 1″ Valve



Rotor & Disc Sears, GE, North Star 7199232
Replaces Part # 7103964 and # 7088504
G.E. part # WS26X10002

This standard version Rotor Disc ( 7199232 ) is most commonly used and the smaller of two sizes made ( only 3 3/8″ in diameter ). Larger version used with 1″ valve is Rotor Disc ( 7185500, WS26X10010 ) and it has a larger 4 3/8″ diameter.

If your Valve is not drawing brine, and you have replaced the Nozzle Venturi Gasket ( PN 7204362 ) or it looks good,
THEN the next most likely cause of the problem is worn out Seal Orings.
Replacing the Seal Kit is very easy.
Each oring only fits where it belongs.

It is recommended to check the surface of the Rotor Disc also, and replace if scratched, or if your valve has been getting STUCK ( and causing your Motor to slip or strip internal gears in the motor )

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ECO Water, GE, Northstar, Sears, Whirlpool


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