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Nut with built in ferrule used on Sears, North Star, and GE Whirlpool type brine tubing connections to Nozzle Venturi Assembly.
GE PN WS03X10017Uses a special size of tubing ( 5/16″ O.D. with a 0132 wall thickness ).
Tubing available in 66 inch sections ( PN 7089267 ). Proper installation…
Slide nut over tubing, and push tubing onto Nozzle nipple, and then carefully find the start of the fine threads, and it will tight down on the tubing as you thread it onto the Nozzle nipple.
** Again.. to make it clear HOW TO INSTALL a New Ferrule Nut,
You must cut off the last 1″ of tubing( and your old broken nut )
And after you slide the nut onto the tubing ( it will be very loose ),
Then you must PUSH the Tubing onto the nipple of the Venturi Housing.

Then carefully slide your new ferrule nut up, and carefully find the start of the plastic threads, being careful not to strip the Venturi Housing nipple or the plastic threads of your new Ferrule nut.
And once you get it started, and you screw the Nut onto the nipple it will THEN tighten around the tubing.
The KEY is that you PUSH the TUBING onto the Nipple First.. then tighten the Nut.
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