DIY Repairs

All water softeners preform the same function, remove hardness from water. Each must go through the a series of cycles (backwash, brine, rinse and service), maybe not in the same order, to regenerate to media. The function of a control valve is to advance the unit through each cycle. It’s either done manually or by a timer assembly or water flow. All automatic systems initiate a regeneration cycle either based on time or gallons used. Check to insure the unit can initiate a cycle on it’s own. Knowing what cycle the unit is is at any given postion is necessary for proper diagnosis. The backwash and rinse cycles will have a rapid flow of water to the drain whereas the brine will have a slow rate of flow to the drain.


Kinetico Manual K25, K 30, K60, K100, K175 & K2000 Models         KINETICO (2) Kinetico systems work based on water flow. As water is used in the home, it passes through the meter turbine which turns the meter disc. Slots in the bottom of the meter disc allow the regeneration start pawl to contact the control disc to start a regeneration. Once the regeration has started, water is directed to the regeneration turbine which turns the regeneration drive pawl to complete the regeneration. To advance it through a regeneration place a phillips screwdriver into the center of the clear cap. While pushing down on the actuator, turn clockwise until the actuator contacts the control disc and it turns.


Autotrol 255 Valve - Copy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The older 155 & 255 Autotrol used a 440 or 440i timer assembly. Autotrol valves use flappers to control the flow of water for regeneration. To advance into a regeneration, turn the cam counter clockwise with your left hand while pushing in on the regeneration button with your right.


Fleck 5600 Meter ValveThe Fleck 5600 uses a piston the direct the flow of water during the regeneration. It comes in a timer or meter model. To activate a regeneration, turn the center dial clockwise until you hear water flowing.